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Pipeline Supports (Industrial standard OST and Federal standard GOST)

“Leningrad metal plant” Co. Ltd has long-term experience of work at the market of supports production and delivery for process-, transition-, and field pipelines.

You can make an order or ask a question via following phone numbers (812) 702-99-99, (812) 777-95-95 (St. Petersburg).

Our company stock list

  • OST 36-146-88: supports for steel process pipelines Types KP (КП), KH (КХ),  TP (ТП), TO (ТО), TR (ТР), TH (ТХ), VP (ВП), KN (КН), HB (ХБ), UP (УП), ShP (ШП).
  • GOST 14911-82 (OST 36-94-83): movable supports Types OPH (ОПХ), OPP (ОПП), OPB (ОПБ).
  • Lot 4.903-10 edition 4, edition 5: pipeline supports Types Т3,Т4, Т5, Т6, Т7, Т11, Т12, Т44, Т13, Т14, Т15, Т16, Т17.
  • Lot 5.903 -13 edition 7-95, edition 8-95: pipeline supports lot TS (TC).
  • Lot 5.900-7 edition 3: supports A14B.
  • GOST 16127-78: steel pipeline hanging supports.
  • Other supports based on individual projects, other OSTs, GOSTs and type editions.

Widely used in different systems:

  • process pipelines, industrial enterprises,
  • thermal power units, Atomic power stations,
  • oil pipelines and gas pipelines,
  • utility networks of housing services

During exploitation of pipelines there are axe load, vertical transverse loads and rotational moment may occur. For compensating these loadings supports should be used. Supports for  Ru to 10 MPa for steel pipelines according to OST 36-146-88 are used in construction of  process pipelines, for binding pipes made of low-alloy and carbon steel. OST 36-146-88 relates to following nominal diameters: 18, 25, 32, 38, 45, 57, 76, 89, 108, 133, 159, 219, 273, 325, 377, 426, 530, 630, 820, 1020, 1220, and 1420 (at temperature not lower then - 70оС).