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Vertical sump for water cleaning

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Vertical sumps are used for water cleaning  from dirt, sediments  and other pollutants in the systems of water heating with a heat transfer agent no higher than 15° C (423K) and a working pressure not exceeding 1MPa. The equipment is mounted in thermal inputs of buildings of various purposes, boiler rooms, elevators.


грязевик вертикальный

Water cleaning in the sump of vertical type occurs in the same manner as in the horizontal water passes through a mesh filter element. It is for this reason that the sump must be in an accessible place, so that you can be periodically cleaned.

Operation implies a permanent control of the hydraulic resistance according to pressure gauges on the pipe behind and in front of the sump. If the value of the hydraulic pressure is exceeded, you must go to the disassembly of the sump and commit its cleaning of accumulated dirt. Timely cleaning will ensure the smooth operation of water supply and heating system, because it is not ignored, so as not to eliminate the then more serious consequences.

Types of sumps

Drawing: Du 200-300 mm



Drawing: Du 350-1000 mm


Technical specifications for vertical sumps