Supports type T4

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Double amplified frontal fixed supports (T4.00) are designed for fastening steel pipelines of various purposes with outside diameter from 108 up to 1420 mm and are manufactured in accordance with series of  4.903-10 (4).

Support type T4 from Du108 to Du1420, is applied as a fixed bearing.

Series 4.903-10 fixed  supports are designed for heating networks of underground pipes and overhead gasket and cover the full range of diameters of pipes of heating networks within conditional passes 25 - 1400 mm according to the “Grades of pipes for outdoor thermal networks” on up to 64 kg/cm 2, t to+ 440 C of USSR Energy Ministry, as approved by the regulation No. 50, of 27.01.1971. 


Consists of two welded lugs. Stops are welded to the pipe when installing.


An example of schematic symbol type T4 (10)  for the pipeline Du720 with a wall thickness S = 10: fixed support 720x10-T4.10.

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