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Vertical sump for heat supply station

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Sumps for heat supply points are vertical. Used in water supply systems, water heating, suspended from large and medium-sized particles, which are in the pipeline.


The product consists of a cylindrical body with flanged connection or connection for welding. It connects with pipeline system, water supply, heat supply. Structurally, the appliance is equipped with a special stainless mesh, which is the filter element. Mesh screens large and medium suspended particle in the water that falls to the bottom of the sump. Thus accumulates a residue that you must remove to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline.

It is important to know: sump works as follows: reception of source water, filtering of large and medium-sized particles, release clean water and regular cleaning the bottom valves.

Technical specifications:

  • operating pressure 10-25 kg/cm2;
  • coolant temperature not above 200 degrees;
  • diameter Dn 40-1400 mm.