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Adjustable support - telescopic rack

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Telescopic support effectively used to reduce the horizontal loads at support of technological pipelines. In addition, it provides a free thermal movement of the pipeline on its supports. In some situations, it is also used to eliminate vibrations transmitted through pipelines, and regulatory efforts coming from the pipeline to the equipment.

Telescopic rack is used for ABO gas pipeline, blower, seal of COP Strip reducer and dust collectors.

With regard to the types of premises in which supports are mounted, they can be both closed and open type that can be used outdoor at temperatures ranging from  -60 - +450C.


The supports design is unique, and the uniqueness of this is the ability to load changes on the pipeline in a wide range without firing or dismantling. It consists of a slab of steel sheet, resin systems and reinforcing elements. On this plate there are 3 rubber shock absorbers should be maintained. Docks on shims on top mounted for drainage and transfer pipelines. Pressure screws included in design, make possible to regulate the load on branch pipes of pumps and shock absorbers. Also with the help of screws they are removed from the substrates of the pipeline or connected with shims. 

Because of the constructive elements highest performance is achieved, the complexity of repair and installations are reduced (compared with unregulated pillars). With regard to the manufacture of rack supports regulated, it is worth noting that they are manufactured according to the existing requirements of industry standards relating to the structures and details of suspension of pipes and poles

A distinguishing feature of adjustable supports is that its integration takes place during the installation of pipelines, and the additional funds are not needed.