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Clamp adjustable supports according specification

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Опора регулируемая хомутоваяClamp adjustable support is an integral part of the various engineering systems of housing and public utilities, gas pipelines, industrial technological pipelines, nuclear power plants and thermal power plants.

During the operation of the pipelines its components are influenced by a negative effect of torques, also there are always vertical, axial and transverse or lateral loads. To create a counter special metal supports, which are manufactured and sold in a large variety have to be used.

Types of adjustable supports

Pipeline support allows us neutralize both axial and lateral loads. In our company you order products at very favorable conditions. A thorough quality control checks for defects flighted - all this used to achieve brilliant results in the form of high-quality products. 

At present, our company produces pipe supports according all existing domestic market standards.

Moreover, we are ready to conduct individual cooperation and make products for non-standard parameters: from low-alloyed steels for pipelines in the climatic zones with low temperature, as well as ordinary quality carbon steel and stainless steel.

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