Pipe fitting

Nowadays no technical construction industry can go without heating, drain and water supply systems. The basis of these systems is pipe fitting.

Pipe fittings is a technical device installed on vessels and pipelines working under pressure, pumps, engines, heat exchangers and other equipment. The main task of pipe fittings is a control of powder, liquid, gaseous and other environments flow by changing the diameter of the internal cross section. It means overlapping, regulation, phase separation, mixing, distribution and other operations carried out with the working environments, or their flows.

Today the classification of products is quite extensive. There are two basic types of pipeline armature:

  • Locking (water gates and fasteners)
  • Regulating (cranes and valves)

One of the pipelines fittings type is a sump that clears up work environments of medium and large sized suspended particles, and allows to exclude the appearance of lesions on the inner surfaces of the pipes and to extend the pipeline operation period.

For laying pipes through walls and buildings seals are used. They facilitate and accelerate the process of installation of the pipeline and ensure the reliability of the entire system.