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Stop lug SSG 7100

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This edition differs from the previous one in tha t new material designations and standard references have been introduced. Sections 2.1.5, 2.2 and stop lug type C have been added. New strength calculations have been carried out.  The design of stop lug according to this standard are intended for use when assembling anchorages and supports as per SSG 7005.



The material in the stop lug must always be equivalent to the piping material. The material in stop lugs that are welded onto piping in categories II or III must be traceable according to annex 1 of the EU Directive, Pressure Equipment, 97/23/EC. A material certificate, 2.2 according to EN 10204 must be available for inspection. For types D-F, the requirements of the Swedish Plastic Piping Code, PRN 1988, apply.

Surface treatment

No surface treatment is provided normally. If surface treatment is required this shall be done after installation.


Designation: Stop lug SSG 7100 - Type - material
Example: Stop lug SSG 7100 - Type A - 1.4307 as per EN 10217

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