Pipelines details

During pipes laying process there is a wide variety of tasks, and one of the most important is competent and reliable connection of all tubes into a single system. To resolve this problem and to ensure the highest quality of pipeline, professionals use a variety of fixing connectors, known as fittings. They are used in different places, e.g. the forks, pipe reducers, line bends, etc. The most popular and frequently used details of pipelines are the insulating bushings, tees, elbows, reducers, plugs and couplings.

Pipe bends are connectors, which provide a change of working environment change at an angle from 45 to 120 degrees. They are used effectively in communication systems at companies of water and heat supply systems in residential areas, in chemical, oil and gas industry at supply lines and major pipeline for pipes connection at transit sites.

Another commonly used type of pipeline details is three holes tee. Using the tees main pipeline can be connected to side branches, so the main and the secondary lines are connected.