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Control point of bolts for sewage and water facilities. Series 3.901-13

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Control points of bolts are designed for remote control of electric or manual actuator. They are used effectively in sewage and water facilities. The products are produced from various grades of steel, such as flanged 09G2S, 3SP and other specialty steels.

Control point of bolts for series 3.901-13

  • Du100-150 mm for electric drive type A and series of 3,901-13 (1)
  • Du200-400 mm for electric drive type B Series 3.901-13 (2)
  • Du500-1000 mm for electric drive type V in Series 3,901-13 (3)
  • Du800-1200 mm for electric drive type G Series 3901-13 (4)
  • Du100-250 mm Series 3.901-13 (5)
  •  Du300-400 mm Series 3,901-13 (6) 

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Design of the control pillar is such that implies the use of gate valves, depth which varied within 2-7 mm. Describing it’s construction we should mention such components:

  • stand
  • bar
  • adapter
  • cam shaft
  • drive shaft.

Control pillars with a manual drive are more modest: the boom and the column itself.

To convert the product with manual drive on the remote, it is not necessary to remove the flywheel, as through it and post to the rotary motion of the spindle. Rod joins the flywheel bolts using special brackets. To refurbish the gate with electric drive on the remote control, remove the actuator valve and install it on the base unit.