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Stuffing box chamber for sewer or water pipes

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Stuffing box chambers are intended for laying water mains, sewer pipes through walls, partitions of engineering structures and buildings. Can be produced in two basic versions:

  • for use at temperature -40-+400  C;
  • for use at the temperature of -60-+400 C.

The raw material for the production can be variety of steel grades. The choice of a particular brand is done on the basis of the substances transported and the climatic conditions in which the product will be used.

Printed seals-one of the types of metal products which we sell at affordable cost. Please contact the managers of the company, they will advise and offer advantageous conditions of cooperation.

Remember and specify when ordering:

  • length (200-800 mm);
  • nominal pipe bore (560-1400 mm);
  • steel grade.


Details are adjusted so that their length was greater  or equal to the thickness of the wall, through which will be installed water or sewer pipes. During pipeline operation to eliminate or at least minimize its offset, you must securely attach fittings; it is even possible to weld to passing nearby a fixture (vertical or horizontal-does not matter).