Spring hanger support type T41

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Spring hanging support type T41 is designed for steel horizontal pipelines of various purposes from Du=159 to 1420 mm and is manufactured in accordance with a series of 4.903-10 (6).

Series 4.903-10 fixed supports are designed for heating networks of underground pipes and overhead gasket and cover the full range of diameters of pipes of heating networks within conditional passes 25 - 1400 mm according to the “Grades of pipes for outdoor thermal networks” on up to 64 kg/cm 2, t to+ 440 C of USSR Energy Ministry, as approved by the regulation No. 50, of 27.01.1971. 


Consists of a bent hinge collars, traction, the upper beam of the fin, abalone, spring block and stops, welded to the basic construction. 


An example of schematic symbol: T41.13 (13) for Du 630.

Из раздела: Pipeline supports Type 4.903-10 (6)



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