Fixed supports

Fixed supports are designed to ensure the stability of the entire pipeline system as ground and underground means of channel-free gaskets. They accumulate and reduce effort, which arise in the pipe at temperature fluctuations.

They are a metal constructions in the form of steel pipe, which are located on a steel sheet intended for base-load, glasses of steel pipe, required for protection against physical damage the polyethylene or galvanized casings, which are also used for thermal insulation.

Fixed components secure pipes that prevent shifts and move under the pressure of the medium transported on it. Throughout they supports redistribute both horizontal and vertical load, defending the design itself.

Fixed supports provide full protection of a pipeline

In the meantime, such kind of supports are recommended to install in the systems which main element is a steel pipe. For example:

  • Hot and cold water supply;
  • Gas Supply;
  • Central heating;
  • Heat Supply.

Because of such supports segmentation pipeline occurs. The distance between them is determined by the properties of expansion joints, which will have to take over, resulting in a lengthening of the pipeline under the action of temperature that is applicable to pipelines in the North, where the contrast of temperatures may cause pipeline damaged earlier operational forecast.

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