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Pipelines hangers GOST 16127-70 (PG, PM, PT, PSH)

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No pipeline may not fully function without it engages. To apply special adaptations, which are forms of suspension-special flexible supports, which are able to take the load from the offset of the pipeline, in particular, with heat extend its designs.

Basically they are divided into two types: rigid and spring. Hard docking is used for horizontal and vertical piping, having only axial displacement. If the design of the pipeline, in addition to axial and vertical offset is present, apply a spring suspension. This standard applies to suspension of steel pipelines of various purposes with a diameter of Du 25 to 500 mm, transporting work environment with temperatures from 0 to + 450° C and pressures up to 100 kgf/cm2. The standard does not apply to suspension of pipelines, piping refrigerant piping in-station, as well as power stations.


The main elements of the hangers are chain, formed by some elements. The design may be from one to several units. It is possible to perform the combined version, where each of the chains in a specific site turns into a couple, that is, as the forks. Mount bracket to the pipe can also be run in different ways. These factors depend on the individual type of suspensions.


For pipes placed horizontally: PG-suspension from one rod, adjustable nut. PT-suspension from one rod (adjustable lanyard). PG2sh -suspension with two rods, adjustable screw, and the support beam of the channels. PT2sh -suspension with two rods, adjustable with stretching screw, and the support beam of the channels. PG2u-suspension with two rods, adjustable nuts, and support beam from an angular steel. PT2u-suspension with two rods, adjustable with stretching screw, and from an angular steel support beam.

For pipes placed vertically: PGV-suspension with two rods, adjustable nuts. PTV-suspension with two rods, adjustable with stretching screw.