Constant hangers and supports

Operating principle:

Constant hangers and constant supports are movable pipe supports with a constant loadbearing behaviour.

Подвески постоянного усилия
Опора постоянного усилия
Опоры постоянного усилия

Main features:

Suitable for use in industrial plants, both indoors and outdoors, on ships and offshore platforms (select appropriate corrosion protection). Their suitability for use in power plants has been proven by tests to VGB R 510 L and KTA 3205.3 standards. The allowable ambient temperature is 80 ºC. Minimum adjustability of load after installation is ±15% without adversely affecting hanger travel. Maximum deviation from constant required load (load deviation) for a straight load application is 5% (friction component < 3%). Permissible angular deviation of tie rods in hangers is 4º in all directions (does not apply to constant supports).

Load gradation

The total load range from 0.04 to 500 kN is covered by just 20 CH sizes. An economical and technically suitable gradation has been achieved. Nominal travels from 50 to 500 mm in small, predefiend steps may be selected. Greater travels on request. Five versions/series are available for each VH size, thus ensuring easy selection of suitable hangers for every situation.