Spring hanger SSG 7005 type 7

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This standard comprises symbols and types for hangers, guides, supports and anchorages for pipelines. These are described in detail in SSG 7005. Anchorage and support elements are described in SSG 7025 - 7179.

The standard is intended for use for piping as indicted below in the dimension range DN 10 - 1200. At fluid temperatures greater than 200°C we do not recommend galvanizing as the properties of the zinc deteriorate strongly and the outer surface becomes brittle. At fluid temperatures greater than 350°C and lower than -20°C, supports must be made from material that is suitable for the calculated temperature and compatible with the piping material or include a suitable thermal barrier.


Variant A

Dy ≤ 196

Variant B

Dy > 196


Designation: Spring hanger SSG 7005 - Type and variant - Dy - H - Spring support No. - L1 - L2
Example: Spring hanger SSG 7005 - Type 7A - Dy 88,9 - H 900 - Nr 1,5 - L1 1000 - L2 800

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