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Retainer (Guide lugs on guides) SSG 7155

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This edition differs from the previous one in that the dimension range has been increased by Dk 711-1219. New material designations and standard references have been introduced. Retainers in accordance with this standard are used as elements for SSG 7005 guides - Type 12.


Types A, B, C, D

Retainer made of bolts, nuts, washers, pipe sleeves and strip metal. Type D is the most usual. Types A-C are recommended for ATEX class spaces

Material and strength

Pin screw type A of steel S355JR according to EN 10 025 (SS steel 2172). Bolt Type B of Strength Class 8.8 as per ISO 4014. Pin screw type C of steel S355JR according to EN 10 025 (SS-steel 2172. Nut of Strength Class 8 as per ISO 4032. Washer of steel S235JRG2 as per EN 10 025 - (SS steel 1312). Pipe sleeve to SMS 327 The guide lug type D is manufactured from flat member as in sub structure or equivalent material.

Surface treatment

Bolt and nut: hot-dip galvanized Fe/Zn 45 as per SS-EN ISO 10684. Washer and pipe sleeve: hot-dip galvanized as per SS-EN ISO 1461. Retainer Type D not to be hot-dip galvanized. After attachment by welding, the retainer shall be coated with zinc-dust paint to the same layer thickness as the hot-dip galvanized parts.


Designation: Retainer SSG 7155 - Type - No.
Example: Retainer SSG 7155 - Type A - No. 12

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