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Press-on seals for passing pipes through the walls

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Press-on seals are used for passing metal tubes through the walls of buildings and structures in dry and wet soil when laying water or sewage system.

Fittings are used effectively at an ambient temperature of not more than +50 C in non-aggressive environment. Withstand pressure drop not greater than 0, 1 MPa

In the manufacturing process may be used by a wide variety of steel grades. Nominal bore and length of articles may also be different. Please check with the manager about the availability of a particular type and size.

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Pressure oil seals should be chosen so that the thickness of the wall, through which they will be laid, is equal to their length or a little less. The cover is mounted in a timbering during concreting. To prevent a possible offset chassis seal, it shall be firmly and securely welded to possibly located near embedded in the vertical or horizontal position. When the valve body is laid in the wall flange into the hole, put on special temporary plugs or Stoppers.