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Sliding Lining supports for underground and above-ground pipelines with a diameter of 50-1000

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Shell based on polyurethane foam 1-487-1997.00.000

Free supports are divided into two kinds: drag and hanging supports.  Lining supports may be sliding, rolling, etc. While manufacturing parts the thermal expansion of the pipeline necessarily takes into account.

Lining supports structure

Lining supports do not allow a pipeline to move vertically down. In order to reduce friction, such elements as Roller bearing rings are used for a wide range of different pipelines. The simple design of the sliding bearings is a rigid base, metal holders and their mounts and gaskets which are to compensate the longitudinal movement and prevent abrasion of the surface. These supports are designed to protect the pipeline of damage, and insulating coating provides longitudinal travel tube where it is provided. 

For better performance, they often are provided with additional protection against corrosion and sneak currents.

It should be noted that, as the Mobile supports of pipelines and their parts are made with thermal expansion taking into account, you must remove them in the opposite direction of the expansion of this extension.

For pipelines, transporting substances with low temperature, supports with heat-insulating gaskets are used. The material of the bearing lining elements must match the material of the pipe.

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