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Metal ware, projecting, manufacture and installation of metal structures for various purposes in St. Petersburg

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The Leningrad metal plant Co., Ltd. is a reliable partner of companies with permanent or one-time requirement in the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures for various purposes. For detailed information please contact our managers.

Today the plant besides its’ additional capability of its’ modern equipment of ensuring the high quality of its products, has a harmonious team consisting of highly qualified production staff, employees of the engineering service and competent managers. List of produced products is constantly expanding. We have mastered basic metal structures:


Removable and non-removable metal shutter forms

Съемные и несъемные металлические опалубки

Fences and lattices

Ограды и решетки

Industrial racks

Промышленные эстакады

Products for fixing pipes and cables

Изделия для крепления труб и кабеля

Structural module

Строительные модули

Covering farms

Фермы перекрытий

Expansion metal ware

Закладные металлоконструкции

Storage tanks for fuels and lubricants

Резервуары для хранения ГСМ</a> (горизонтальные и вертикальные).

Non-standard metal ware

Нестандартные металлоконструкции

Your solution!?

We are always open to cooperation and ready to design and produce any kind of metal ware. Call us +7 (812) 702-99-99, +7 (812) 777-95-95


Capacity of the factory ensures stable output of up to 300 tones of metal ware per month. We provide design, development, and design and estimate documentation. The specialists of our company will provide not only the timely production of reliable and durable products, but also offer a high level of service for the shipment and delivery of products directly to the customer.

Metal constructions making

производство металлоконструкцийThe sphere where metal constructions are used is wide enough. It includes engineering, shipbuilding; they are used in manufacturing, producing different frames for the equipment, and, of course, in the construction industry.

Ordinary metal constructions are the fences, gates and stairs made of metal. Often, metal constructions are made of steel which provides high strength and long life operation. Sometimes, in order to facilitate the design and giving it a more aesthetic appearance, as the material, the aluminum could be used. Main advantages are sturdiness, reliability, durability and ease of installation.



Production starts with calculations

Production of metal fabrication begins with the creation of the project, calculations and design drawings or sketches. This includes all static and dynamic loads, which will influence on a metal structure. Based on the magnitude and direction of loads, select material, its thickness, is the optimal profile of rolled metal. Of course, design and appearance of the metal structure also can’t be ignored. Further there is a metal stamping; cutting cards are made of flat and structural materials.

Cutting the parts of a complex configuration is made within the cards on special gas cutting machines. Profile details are usually handmade harvested. Assembly and welding of steel structures are produced in specially equipped premises for this.

First of all, small length of welding seams is used for assembling. Dimensions and geometry, collected in the volume of construction are checked. Before welding, products are tightly fastened; therefore, they wouldn’t have not undergone any deformation welding process. Welding of metal products, given that they have big loads, is made by qualified welders. After welding, the geometrical dimensions have to be checked once again, weld grinding wheels cleaned. Final product is primed and painted.

Contact our managers, you can order the production of metal structures of any complexity. It will be implemented in accordance with the terms of reference developed in compliance with the requirements of the normative documents and your wishes.