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Axial stop SSG 7160

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The dimension range has been increased with Dk711-1219. Types C and D have been added and the max load columns have been revised. The dimensions for flat member, screws and nuts for types A and B have been adjusted. New metal designations and standard references have been introduced. Axial stops according to this standard are used for guides SSG 7005 - Type 16. Supports that have been installed for axial loads must be fitted with stop lugs according to SSG 7100E. Stop lugs must be installed for all types 16A - 16D.


Type A and B

  • Guide lugs of drilled strip steel with bolts to
  • ISO 4014 and nuts to ISO 4032.
  • Rounded edges.

Type C and D

  • Angle iron axial stop

Material and strength

Type A and B

  • Steel drilled strip 1.4436 according to SS-EN 10 088-3 (SS 2343).
  • Bolt of Strength Class 8.8 as per ISO 4014.
  • Nut of Strength Class 8 as per ISO 4032.

Type C and D

  • The same or equivalent material as in sliding shoe SSG 7149 or 7151.

Surface treatment

Bolt and nut: hot-dip galvanized Fe/Zn 45 as per SS-EN ISO 10 684.


Designation: Axial stop SSG 7160 - Type - No.
Exempel: Axial stop SSG 7160 - Type A - No. 1

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