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Insulating sleeves for pipelines welding joints protection

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Field of application: protection of welded joints of pipes from 76 mm to 720 mm working temperature of 85 C.

Coating material is a polymer.

Втулки изоляционные Insulating sleeves are used for welding joints protection for pipes with Dn= 76-720 mm and working temperature=85 C. Coating material is a polymer. The advantages are as follows:

  • Firstly, because of  the insulating sleeves of protective characteristics of coating internal surfaces of pipelines, which applies to the welded joints seems to be possible;
  • Secondly, insulating sleeves can even be used in field conditions.

The scope of application of the product is quite specific. Insulating sleeves effectively used in piping systems, intra-field BPFA and other systems that operate in a hostile environment, for example, in crude oil or water reservoir.

Today the fastening element for its anti-corrosive properties of powder coating handles p-EP 585. In addition, it is possible to manufacture insulating sleeves with epoxy paints and higher temperature characteristics.

Production of all units, in particular the protection sleeve and insulation of welded joints of pipelines is carried out strictly in accordance with the State Standards GOST and technical conditions. One cannot say that all products undergo rigorous health checks and the occurrence of defects, because we guarantee the quality of products. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the technologies our company constantly improves the quality of manufactured products and extends the range of products, satisfying the needs of each client.