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Horizontal sump: water purification from sediments

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Horizontal sump is used to clear water from the medium and small sediments in heat supply and heating. Horizontal sump principle of action is simple enough; in short we can say this: the sharp decrease of water flow in a pipeline, the sediments fall out, thus the cleaning liquid.

Types of products

Drawing: Du 500-1400 mm


Drawing: Du 150-400 mm 



Consists of a cylindrical body with flanged connection or connection for welding with pipeline of water supply, heat supply. There is a special mesh, which are filtered through the water. Sumps are mounted on Corbels in the upright position. Heat from the heating system requires installation of the product on the forward and reverse pipes before entering the building. Heat supply from local boiler of assembling on the back of the tube to the circulation pump.

The work is as follows: water comes in, goes through a filtration mesh, which is the weighted average and large particles, then the water is. Also need regular cleaning fittings, namely the bottom of its hull.