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Adjustable support for the pipeline

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Adjustable supports are used to protect pipelines from the weight load and thermal expansion. In some cases, they are used to eliminate vibration of pipelines and to regulate the efforts which the pipeline passes on the equipment.

To reduce the horizontal loads Dn100-1400 mm pipe uses adjustable support, which also allows pipe to free heat transfer piping. Such support can be manufactured in two climatic versions: U1 (for work at air temperature from +40 up to -40 C) and HL (for work at air temperature from +40 up to -60 C).

The products are designed for strapping pipe blower, dust collectors, AIR Strip, points to the reduction of the COP. The exploitation of such reliance is possible both outdoors and indoors. The advantage of this design is possible without firing and disassembling works to adjust the load on the pipeline in a fairly wide range.


Structural elements, which are equipped with support with the ability to manage, provide excellent performance and significantly reduce the complexity of repair and installation, compared with unregulated pillars. Construction and parts are manufactured in conformity with the existing requirements of the industry standards of design and details of pipelines’ supports and hangers. The assembling supports usually, is carried out at the place of installation of the pipeline and no additional funds are required.





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